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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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being made right now in san francisco. we are live at the ribbon cutting at a new museum. the uncertain future for a san francisco fish company that has been on fisherman's wharf for decades. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, january 13. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> is a historic moment for san francisco, right now for the first time a museum that honors gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people opens its doors. jana katsuyama is live. >> reporter: we have people all
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around us right now. you cannot even see down 18th street there are so many people outside this museum and we had the new mayor getting ready to do a ribbon cutting. this is really a very exciting moments for so many people who have worked so hard to get this museum to fruition, and they are getting ready to do the ripping cutting right now. a very exciting moment for people here -- the ribbon cutting right now and a very exciting moment for people here celebrating glbt history. champagne was flowing and people were bubbling with enthusiasm for the first gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered museum. >> we are this community that started out in somebody's living room in 1985.
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>> reporter: the museum curator says it will span 150 years of history. >> we try to tell many stories of our history. >> reporter: artifacts include those from harvey milk. >> we are making a lot of progress. there will be a time when we are just as accepted anywhere as anyone else. >> reporter: one exhibit on gays in the military is already outdated with last months overturning of don't ask, don't tell. >> this is the only known photograph of a game and in a japanese internment camp. >> reporter: the museum serves as a prison to the past and all of the colors of the rainbow flag -- a prism to the past and
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all the colors of the rainbow flag. >> we get these people's lives dignity and beauty and worth. >> reporter: you can see how many people are out there right now. i am told to the museum only holds a fraction of the total archives so they plan to switch over the collections periodically so people can see more of this vast and ever expanding collection. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for anyone interested in the museum is located in the heart of the castro district on 18th street. prosecutors today charged two teenagers with the killing of a 16-year-old boy. the victim had stepped outside his grandmother's home when he was gunned down to the suspects were identified as 19-year-old john peter george and tiny sprinkling of richmond. they were arrested about two
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hours after the killing. >> a boy was seen running from a home where his 36 old father had been shot in the head. the victim was taken to the medical center. police say he was conscious but his wound was life-threatening. the boy was 15 years old and they heard shouting at the house before the shooting. police say the teen had a gun with him when taken into custody. police in oakland have arrested three people responsible for home invasion robberies. over the past months the three suspects terrorized families in immigrant neighborhoods. they say the trio would demand to be let into the home and steal cash, jewelry, and electronics. >> i do not think there is anything more terrorizing than
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being at your home with your children and your family and having someone kick in the door and shotguns in their faces. >> investigators say in november there were 18 arrests in oakland. the alameda county district attorney office has decided not to file charges against in the shooting the notion day la fuente -- ignacio de la fuente. officers say he was speeding and making illegal lane changes. it is unclear why the da decided the evidence was insufficient. lawmakers are taking a closer look at governor jerry brown's new law proposal. one committee member says the spending plan has something for everyone. the governor wants to close the
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budget shortfall with a change in tax law. it was a life or death decision to a pregnant woman had to decide whether to jump from a second-floor window and now in an exclusive interview with ktvu's robert honda she and her husband talk about the ordeal. >> reporter: repairs are underway after a fire roared through the apartment on wednesday. >> i could see the smoke come into our bedroom. i got really scared. >> reporter: her husband looks for a way out and she went to an open window. >> reporter: the man ran under the apartment window and told his wife to jump. >> i said, there is nothing else you can do. >> i braced myself. i got on top of the window
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seal. i put my feet outburst, and i dropped it was the scariest thing. i just wanted to the baby to survive, anything could happen to me. i wanted my baby to be okay. >> luckily she fell directly on me so i felt a lot of impact. >> reporter: at her mother's house today -- >> i am just happy we are live. i am so thankful. >> reporter: they had been saving for a house and those plans are on hold. they got some good news tonight. the baby boy they are expecting also escaped unharmed. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. you can view the entire interview on you will find the link on the
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left-side of our page. there were pointed accusations today. >> this commission has failed the people of california by your culture of complacency. >> thank you, mr. hill. >> jerry hill said they shoulder as much blame as pg&e and it took the media to shed light on problems that the commission should be paying attention to. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking what is coming our way next and he will tell us how much rain has fallen and when the skies should clear. the weather is to blame for a rodent problem. experts tell us the homeowner
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should remove weeds from around foundations. small holes in walls and vents the to be sealed to keep rats out. administrators at a middle school are trying to determine how rat poison ended up in a sixth-grade classroom. seven students were taken to the hospital after tasting small cubes of poison. so far none of the children have gotten ill and fire officials say the children mistook the poison for candy. >> it should have not been in the class. according to the principal and the maintenance crew they had no idea that this was in the classroom. >> the manufacturer says the poison is not toxic in small amounts. uc santa cruz police are investigating some graffiti found last month beat a path the university to issue a warning to students and staff. they did not give exact details but the graffiti threatened violence on january 18, next tuesday. more high school students
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than ever before have applied to entered stanford university. more than 34,000 have applied for admission next fall, up about 7% from last year. a spokeswoman says she's not sure how many spaces are available but last year 1006 in a 74 were admitted. if that holds for this year it would make the odds about 20-1. or smack their bridge district's finance committee met this morning to discuss a switch to all electronic tolls. -- the bridge's district finance committee met this morning to discuss a switch to all electronic tolls to reduce costs. there is a controversial plan to ban unleashed dogs in
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certain areas in three counties. park officials say unleashed dogs can damage areas and they had received complaints about aggressive dogs attacking small animals and scaring children. owners argued that dogs need space and public comments begin tomorrow. public meetings will be held in march. a bay area fish company operating for seven decades suddenly closed its doors. the reason owners say they cannot keep going. an emotional funeral today in tucson to remember the 9- year-old killed in th the fog t to show you where the fog will be the dentist tomorrow in your morning commute -- the densist
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tomorrow and your morning commute.
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>> a fire destroyed a sandwich shop and a few other businesses on interstate 5 today. it happened at joe's travel plaza. no one was injured but investigators say the fire caused $3 million in damage. investigators have not determined how the fire started. a vigil in san jose at this hour is honoring the victims of the mass shooting in tucson at the first unitarian church on third street. the labor council helped organize the event along with the santa clara county democratic party. there is also a reception and film screening being held at stanford for a man who survived the shooting at virginia tech university. yesterday he spoke with ktvu about being a survivor of a
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mass shooting. there is some joy and much sadness in tucson, arizona. encouraging news about gabrielle gifford and taken -- and a funeral for the youngest victim. >> reporter: christina green was the youngest of the shooting victim street she had an intense interest in politics and had recently been elected to her student council. meanwhile police say a black bag that was believed to be discarded by jared loughner was discovered near his home. investigators say there was ammunition and drugstore purchases inside. the alleged shooter had a confrontation with his father hours before the rampage. authorities also released sheriff's department radio traffic.
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>> there was a shooting at the safeway. a man with a semiautomatic weapon. we believe gabrielle giffords was shot. multiple victims. many people are shocked. >> reporter: also today loughner's former girlfriend is talking. >> he is one of those kids who kept to himself. he had a temper problem. he used to scare me sometimes. >> reporter: doctors call gabrielle giffords recovery a miracle. >> she's making much more spontaneous movements. we have stopped all of the medications that might blunt her mental status. >> reporter: the funeral service for arizona's chief federal judge is scheduled for tomorrow. lawrence taylor is gone registered offender after a plea bargain today. he pleaded guilty to sexual
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misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. as part of the plea deal he was required to register as a offender and serve six years probation. the hall of fame linebacker named what -- based much more serious charges. taylor says she told him she was 19. an unexpected increase in first-time jobless claims was released today, up 35,000 from the previous week. analysts say it is the result of holiday worker layoffs and backup violins. that job news weighed on wall street as the dow traded in negative territory and closed lower by 23 points.
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>> we are under attack. what do we do? >> the foreclosure crisis to dozens of people to a demonstration outside of the courthouse today. they want the government to take action against the rising tide of foreclosures. one fish company has been a key player in the bay area industry for years and today it closed. we explain what close the doors and whether they may swing open again. >> reporter: they abruptly closed today after operating for decades. the owner say because of polluted waters and resulting cleanup in waters near their building. i called the business and this is the message on the answering
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machine: it is with deep regret that we must close our doors after 70 years of continuous operation in san francisco. the ongoing construction related to exxon mobil and the port of san francisco's oil pollution cleanup activities have made it impossible for us to continue to operate our business and serve our customers. >> reporter: they go on to say the company is uncertain of what the future holds and the port of san francisco say they are surprised. >> they have not, as far as i know, said anything about closing their business. it was the first time we heard about it. >> reporter: there are no plans to close another fish restaurant in fisherman's wharf. if you're counting down the days to spring training, we have some good news for you. the san francisco giants began
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selling tickets today. the first game is scheduled for february 25th, just six weeks from now. across the bay a's spring training tickets went on sale. shaw will replace jim harbaugh. he has been an assistant coach on three nfl teams including the oakland raiders. details on the reopening of a mountain view center housing the largest collection of computers in the world. the wet weather should be giving way to senator skies in time for the weekend. bill martin will tell us just how warm it will get.
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>> an amazing rescue in brazil were crews managed to pull a woman out of raging flood waters as she tried to save her dog. heavy rains have pounded brazil for more than one week. the death toll has risen to more than 450 people, and a hundred civil defense workers
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are digging in the mud for survivors. bill martin has told us before, but water/rain is the number 1 killer of people? >> that is one of them and heat is the number 1 related killer. flooding is huge and we showed you stories from australia earlier in the week. we do have periods of flash flooding in the north bay area. let's go to live stormtracker 2. it's not raining right now, as indicated by the clear radar screen. the rain that we saw today was very, very light. we are heading into a dry pattern. the models are fairly dry. no big storms in the long-range forecast. right now for most of the bay area locations we have average rainfall. here is a system that slid
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through today. that kind of system looks like an early fall weather system, it had nothing to it. the winds barely got going. as it moves out to the east, the high pressure builds in and valley fog becomes the story and the weather center. the humidity, the moisture in the air has allowed the dew point temperatures to become very high, about 50 degrees. it will turn into fog so we are looking for a lot of fog tomorrow morning and the computer models suggest a lot of fog up towards the beach and some of the low areas there. by 3:00 a.m., more fog. i think it will burn off quickly tomorrow and
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temperatures will become pretty warm in the afternoon hours. the daytime highs could get into the low 60s. this story, no rain by fog and backlog will linger the next few days. here's the thing that i want you to note, the five-day forecast is dry. we could see temperatures on saturday in the upper 60s. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s and i will see you at 10:00. a one-of-a-kind museum reopens today in the south bay. the computer history museum have been closed for almost one year as it underwent a $19 million renovation. it now has a new exhibit called the revolution. on display are things such as an abacus, one of the first
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apple computers, ibm machines, and other prototypes. the. >> that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on and with our 10:00 news. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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